Parallel Lines


Even if the current Covid-19 pandemic were not a factor in all our lives, there exists an opportunity to introduce veterans of all ages to the popular hobby of Amateur Radio, also known as ham radio.


Hamming is great way to connect with others in a fun and fulfilling way. Without the use of a cell phone or the internet, you can share ideas, communicate important information, and support the veterans community. Hamming is a social activity that promotes community and camaraderie. When you talk over the airwaves, you use a call sign as your identifier – everyone is equal.




As a disabled veteran and a longtime ham radio operator, being part of an amateur radio wellness net while self-isolating during Covid-19 has been very beneficial to me. It occurred to me that an Amateur Radio Wellness Net specifically for veterans living in the Los Angeles Area would be a great way for us to engage and support one another. Radio Net LA will serve the greater Los Angeles area. If successful, we hope to expand our reach.


We welcome ALL ham radio operators, whether you are a veteran or not, to participate in our weekly roundtable discussion. We cover myriad topics and promote lively, supportive conversation. 

73, Don, W6ZZW


Join us at Radio Net LA on Mondays at noon!


447.320 MHz   OFF -5.0 MHz

PL 103.5Hz

N6GLA/West Los Angeles


Have you always wanted to obtain your Amateur Radio License but don’t know how? We will help you! Please reach out and we will assist you in “getting on the air” so that you can experience hamming for yourself and participate in our weekly Wellness Net. This assistance is provided at no cost to you.​


Don’t have a ham radio? Don’t despair!  
We are in the process of obtaining radios that our participants can use for free. Our outreach will include donations from radio manufacturers and fellow “hams,” Go Fund Me initiatives, and grants from public and private organizations.

IRS code 501(c)(3) applied for